NHL: ’28 Second Season Still Viable’

I love how no one is willing to cancel the NHL season. I swear. It’s going to be May and you’re going to hear things like this:

    OK. So we can play a one day round-robin tournament, where teams play 16 three-minute periods, with the top four teams going into a second tournament, where they’ll play a twenty minute game. The winner will then be determined by a foot race.

Seriously. How can anyone be that delusional? Does anyone with the NHL or the NHLPA think they can iron out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and get the season rolling in a few days?
I guess this is why most negotiations start before the object of the negotiation expires. Not that I’m a lawyer or anything. Although I did play Corbin Bernsen’s son for a 12-episode arc of LA LAW. I think I might have been suing him or something. Either that, or I was trying to get him to get me out of a coma. Those LA LAW days are kind of a haze to me. I hardly even remember my marriage to Susan Dey.