What Happened at the Zero Hour?

How about those rumors that Jarome Iginla, Jeremy Roenick, and Chris Pronger were working with the owners to get the players to accept a cap?
How crazy is that?
Of course, Iginla says it’s not true. I wouldn’t blame him if it was, though. Playing in Calgary, he knows he’ll never see any big bucks unless he leaves.
says the whole thing was just miscommunication, which is kind of shocking when you consider the players had phones, cell phones, and a Web site.
It’s kind of interesting how huge this rumor is in Canada and how it’s not getting much play here in the states. Larry Brooks wrote about it in yesterday’s Post, but I haven’t seen or heard a lot more about it. It just goes to show how little impact the NHL has down here in the states. Even juicy rumors (or rumours) aren’t enough to get people writing about hockey, other than to say it’s canceled.
Not that it matters. I’m not sure anyone will ever know what went down.
I have to admit, though. I love the image of these NHL stars sitting around a table, wearing suits and glasses, drafting a contract.