Replacement Players Not Really Viable

This is really interesting.
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, replacement NHL players might have trouble getting visas (login info.). It seems the only solution would be to have a group of Americans playing in America and a group of Canadians playing in Canada.
That doesn’t sound very convenient to me.
The article and logistics of replacement players is actually very interesting. Check out the article for the nitty gritty details. But basically, it seems the owners are going to have to work something out with the players if they want to get the NHL rolling again.
Also, I’m not sure why the “Dan Blackburn using two blockers” story is getting so much play all of a sudden. There were stories about it back in January. I guess we’re kind of out of hockey news, though. We must be back to the top of the list again.
I can’t wait to re-read those stories about Edmonton trading Mike Comrie.