Ducks Sold

Wow. Disney sold the Ducks (login info.). Whoever pulled that off should get some extra commission:

Salesman: Yeah. It’s a great team. You’re going to love watching them…(quietly) whenever they start playing hockey again.

Buyer: I’m sorry. What was that?

Salesman: Nothing. Sign here. Hurry. Don’t turn on ESPN. Sign. Here. Read this story from The Hockey News’ site.

Buyer: This is going to be great. I can’t wait!

The LA Times has a really interesting article on Disney honcho Michael Eisner and his role with the Ducks and in the NHL. The Ducks were a marketing juggernaut for their first five seasons in the league. And Eisner was a big proponent of changing NHL rules to make the game more entertaining. Things like no red line and a bigger net. Things you’ve probably heard before. Things the other NHL owners shot down because Eisner was the new guy.
Eisner also proposed giving the players “transparent Jetson-style space helmets”. I’m not sure what that would really do for the game. Other than freak me out.