Share and Share Alike

Larry Brooks has an interesting look at the NHL’s proposed revenue sharing model. Basically, the big clubs don’t have to kick in very much for the little clubs.
But just the fact that Brooks was able to see this document really speaks to the collateral damage of this lockout. A lot of people on both sides are really mad and upset about the lockout and they’re not going to forget about it any time soon. And when the NHL does resume play, these people are still going to have major grudges. These grudges might manifest themselves in the form of certain players not signing with certain clubs, or certain clubs not signing certain players. Some of the residual anger will appear on the ice during games. And a lot of the anger will appear in newspapers, as leaks to the media.
I’m assuming at some point the lockout will end and hockey will resume. But the fallout will taint the game for years to come.
On a happier, non-hockey-related note, Sandy Koufax, my favorite athlete ever, has been hanging out with Pedro Martinez, or Petey, as Koufax likes to call him. It constantly blows me away that an athlete of the magnitude of Koufax walks among us, like an ordinary human.