So apparently NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow has a plan to end the lockout.
And guess what?
He’s not telling anyone what it is.
I love that plan.
Al Strachan says NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s plan is to break the union. Strachan says it seems the commissioner doesn’t have any desire to settle the lockout any other way. He also says the owners want hockey next season. I’m guessing that if things aren’t settled by the middle of the summer, the owners are going to cut Bettman loose and settle for the massive salary rollbacks and a soft cap. That’s just my guess, though. It just seems the owners are trying to see how far out on the ledge Bettman can go before he or the union breaks. It’s almost a sport in itself.
The players have a plan, too. They’re looking into starting their own league.
Truthfully, if I were going to start a sports league, I’d be going Slamball. I can’t get enough of that. It’s basketball. It’s a trampoline. It’s everything good in the world. I love it.
I also love the legs on that story about that firm that offered to buy the NHL. Would the league ever go for less than $4 billion? Would 30 people ever decide to sell their teams? But people are eating the story up. I caught the last few minutes of Mike and the Mad Dog, who host the big sports show on the big sports radio station here in the city, and one of them was talking about the purchase offer. And they never talk hockey. I guess it just sounds so crazy, people love to talk about it.