The Story of Hockey

Wow. USA Today did a lengthy piece on the finances of the NHL. It’s written by Kevin Maney, a technology/business writer, so it seems pretty objective. Don’t get me wrong. I love Larry Brooks, but sometimes he seems to be taking the lockout a bit personally.
The Maney article is definitely worth checking out. I think this is going to be NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s epitaph:

    By the end of 1993, the NHL had its first national TV contract in decades, a deal with Fox for $31 million over five years. The Fox deal brought the promise of winning millions of new fans. In June 1994, Sports Illustrated ran a cover story headlined: “Why the NHL is hot and the NBA is not.”

Epitaphs can be sarcastic, right?
The finances of the NHL are interesting enough, but I’d love to know exactly how Bettman took hockey from success to lockout in just 12 years. What went on behind closed doors? What were people telling him about hockey? What was his strategy? That’s a story I’d link to.