NHL: Bigger Nets, Still No Players

Kudos to the NHL for looking into changing the size of their nets to yield more scoring. They’re not just thinking bigger, either. They’re also thinking triangle posts, to get the post clangers to bounce into the net.
Goalies, of course, aren’t too into the idea. They’re asking that the NHL fix all the clutching and grabbing first.
But wait. There’s more. Al Strachan reports shootouts will arrive, in some form, when hockey returns.
Which brings me to my point. The NHL is all proactive about looking at hockey and trying to make it more exciting and more watchable, but shouldn’t they settle the lockout before doing all this? Isn’t this all like putting a dress on a pig, as some might say. What good are bigger nets when you’re using guys who spent last season in the ECHL (no offense, Scott Gomez)?