If Larry Brooks Falls in the Forest

So there’s no hockey, but at least I can find out what Flyers goalie Robert Esche has on his iPod.
Rather scarily, we both have Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.”
I’m trying really hard not to think about what that says about us.
And I think things are pretty bad with hockey (you know &#151 besides the lockout): Larry Brooks worked a baseball game for the New York Post. I’m not sure he’s ever covered anything besides hockey since he became the top writer on the Rangers/NHL beat. And while a lot of other hockey writers around the country rotated into other sports, Brooks was still doing a ton of NHL writing. The fact that he’s moved off of hockey, if only for a day, seems to indicate that the lockout isn’t ending any time soon and no new developments can be expected.
When Brooks fell, that was the fat lady singing. If he’s not working on hockey down here in the States, then no one is. Love him or hate him, Brooks is the face of the American hockey media. Or he was. When there was hockey.