Hockey Craziness

There’s been a lot of craziness in hockey this non-season and I swear, the craziest thing I’ve seen isn’t a link on the Internet.
Curse the luck!
Anyway, yesterday’s New York Post had a tiny item on New Jersey Devil Patrik Elias:

    Tainted seafood is the suspect in Patrik Elias’ case of Hepatitis-A that will keep the Devils’ five-time leading scorer out of this month’s World Championships in Austria…He had planned to play in the World Championships before eating shellfish at the Moscow airport.

Who eats shellfish at an airport? Is that a European thing? Has anyone ever seen anything remotely edible at an airport? All of the food I’ve ever seen looks like it’s from the 70s &#151 sideburns and all. And Elias is eating shellfish? That’s just insane. I can kind of, sort of understand ending a season, but shellfish at the airport? What is that about? Was there no blowfish available?