The Rules They Are a Changing

Wow. The NHL is pretty serious about rule changes.
The GMs even spoke to some players about it.
According to Al Strachan, New Jersey Devil Scott Niedermayer took the GMs through some of the ways smart players twist the current NHL rules. It’s got to be a good sign for the negotiations, though. The owners and players are talking, and even though it’s not contract stuff, at least both sides can agree they want to improve hockey.
According to Tim Panaccio, the NHL is also considering a two referee sytem. It would reduce travel on refs and even out the calls, since refs would know how their partner likes to call games. The GMs are supposed to be pretty psyched about it. Maybe enough to even end the lockout.
Speaking of ending the lockout, ESPN has until June 1 to decide if they’re going to re-up their NHL contract. I’m guessing if the lockout isn’t settled by then, there might be another hockey-less season. No hockey, but lots of rule changes.