Selling Ice to Hockey Fans

The issue of the NHL using replacement players is pretty interesting.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, seven NHL teams are pushing for the replacements (login info.): San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minnesota, Columbus, Chicago and St. Louis.
It’s interesting because of the mix of teams. San Jose, Minnesota, Columbus, and Chicago are all pretty anonymous teams. Not a ton of stars. I’m not sure anyone can even name Minnesota’s top line. And who still plays in Chicago? Anyone? But Dallas and St. Louis have a lot of big names. Fans would notice if a Bill Guerin or a Chris Pronger wasn’t on the ice. So I’m not sure why LA, Dallas, or St. Louis would want replacements. It seems like a much tougher sell for them.
Of course, maybe they know the NHL has hired Rogers & Cowan, a big PR firm.
I hope they’re good. They’ve got a tough gig.