NHL: ‘No Replacements, No Hockey, No Problem’

So the NHL doesn’t want replacement players, but they’re also not really moving ahead with ending the lockout, either.
How bad have things gotten with hockey? The Might Uni Watch ran a contest to improve hockey uniforms and only got two responses. Actually, I’m not sure what that’s a sign of. It can’t be good, though.
Larry Brooks actually had a crazy item that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was at some event with all the other sports commissioners, and Bettman was actually cracking jokes about the lockout and the NHL’s lack of a TV presence. I kind of don’t believe Bettman would be that flip, but you never know.
Oh. And there’s a new hockey blog. It’s You Wanna Go? And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was porn spam when I saw that in an email subject line.