Hockey Madness

It’s getting harder and harder for me to read about hockey.
Larry Brooks reports the owners and players are still miles away from any kind of resolution to the lockout.
The International Ice Hockey Federation couldn’t give away the World Championships to an American network.
Mitch Albom is talking to sticks and pucks.
And over at the Times, Dave Anderson is talking to the Stanley Cup.
I have no idea what any of it means, but I’m scared. The very fabric of hockey is tearing.
In fact, I have a controversial suggestion: Steve Nash, a Canadian, is the NBA’s MVP because he had no hockey to distract him. Not only that, millions of Canadians, who might have otherwise been watching hockey, could instead spend this season sending him good, positive thoughts. Steve Nash’s success is an almost direct result of the lockout. And of Phoenix’s fast-paced offense which Nash was born to run.
So it’s like 60% torn hockey fabric and 40% up-tempo offense. Or maybe 40-60. It’s sort of hard to quantify.