Put In Your Mouthpieces

The Times had a great NBA piece Friday.
The gist of it is that the powers-that-be in the NBA saw some problems in the league (low scoring and plodding defenses that relegated 80% of the players on the floor to bystanders) and instituted rule changes to get the game back on track.
And what do you know? Scoring is up and players are once again moving laterally. Just in time to capture the eyes of all of those bored hockey fans.
I don’t mean to belabor the point that the people running the NHL don’t understand hockey. I just wanted to keep bringing it up. Oh. And Tim Panaccio reports some NHLers are into the idea of playing without a red line. Not that the league would ever change the rules or anything…
Meanwhile, in his Sunday NHL column, outlining how hockey will probably never be played again our lifetimes, Larry Brooks has a shout-out for us bloggers:

    It means that Bob Goodenow remains in firm control of the PA despite league attempts to create friction and doubt within the rank-and-file through its floated messages to media and blogging mouthpieces.

Is it sad that I’m kind of bummed the league hasn’t tried to make me a mouthpiece? Or is it sadder that I’m genuinely excited about the upcoming DUKES OF HAZZARD remake?
I mouthpiece. You decide.