Just Asking…

So Rudy Giuliani is interested in starting a rival hockey league?
I think it’s cool. I love rival sports leagues.
But I just want to point something out.
Here in New York, the mayor is trying to get a stadium built in Manhattan. One of the loudest opponents to this stadium is Cablevision, the owners of Madison Square Garden, who lose a sporting venue monopoly if the stadium comes to Manhattan. Did I mention Cablevision owns the New York Rangers?
Giuliani, for whatever reasons, also wants to see this stadium built. He’s done commercials supporting the stadium.
This stadium is a big deal. Some say the 2012 Olympics hinge on it.
Is it possible that someone would float the idea of a rival league to get under Cablevision’s stadium-opposing skin? Is it possible someone would launch a league for the sole purpose of getting Cablevision to back down on their stadium-hating?
I don’t know.
I’m just asking.