The Return of Crazy Hockey Rumors

I’m seriously thinking the lockout might be about to end.
Larry Brooks is starting with the crazy trade/signing rumors (login info.).
His first one in ages? The Devils are going to make a run at Toronto defenseman Brian Leetch if they can’t hold on to Scott Niedermayer.
The Devils tried to get Leetch a few seasons ago, but it seemed to me like they were more interested in rattling the Rangers’ cage than actually signing Leetch. Leetch is great, but he’s pretty old, he hasn’t played in a year, and he’s an offensive defenseman. It’s not the best fit. Especially since no one knows if Devil Scott Stevens will be back when hockey resumes. And if the Devils will re-sign him.
Speaking of rumors, Steve Simmons reports Wayne Gretzky might be discussing an executive position with the Rangers.
Just what the Rangers need &#151 more management.