In the Air Tonight

Hockey is definitely in the air.
The NBA is heading toward a lockout (maybe), which is so crazy when you consider how the NHL has done an amazing job of illustrating just why a sport needs to be played to survive.
Post hockey columnist Larry Brooks is seeing a lot of the New York Rangers in the New York Yankees (login info.) (or Tankees, as my subconscious just announced via a typo).
And over in Anaheim, the Ducks have a new GM: former Canuck Brian Burke (login info.).
Interestingly, the LA Times says NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman lobbied the new Anaheim management to hire Burke.
That says Bettman is still thinking about the on-ice product and wants a run-and-gun offense in a relatively high-profile franchise.
It also gives Bettman and the league access to one of the game’s biggest problems: Jean-Sebastien Giguere’s oversized equipment.