Fun With Caps; NFL Punks Canada

The thing I really hate about caps in sports is that it forces you to deal with economics. It’s not enough to imagine a good trade. You also have to know the finances of both teams. It’s kind of a pain.
Whatever, though. Larry Brooks has some cap information (login info.). He says that once hockey resumes, teams will be allowed to buy out players without the buyouts counting against their caps. So basically, if Brooks is right, the league is giving teams the green light to jettison their high-paid players. The only restriction is that teams can’t re-sign dumped players.
I’m not sure how this plays into the NHL’s whole “Let’s get the fans back” initiative, though. How are teams going to win back fans when they’re dumping stars?
Tim Panaccio says the new cap, whatever it is, will favor the small market clubs, who’ll actually have the cap space to sign quality players (login info.).
Oh. And guess the working title of NBC’s Sunday night football package.
Go ahead.
Just guess.
Give up?
It’s FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA (login info.). Get it? It’s like HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (or MOVIE NIGHT IN CANADA, to be more precise).
That’s pretty funny, though. At least hockey still has some kind of presence in the states. Even if it’s just as the inspiration for the name of a show.