Banjos to Facewashes

I have to admit, as a professional hockey blogger you might suspect I’m a bit optimistic about the game.
But I’m really not. I’m sort of shocked they even settled the lockout.
And I’m even more shocked that after being dropped by ESPN, other networks are looking into broadcasting hockey next season (login info.).
Apparently Comcast is considering rolling the dice on hockey. Even more shockingly, they might even set up a state-side hockey network, comparable to the Outdoor Life Network, which seems to only show the Tour de France.
So Comcast is pretty serious about cornering the market on sports Americans don’t like to watch. In fact, I’m betting a lot of Paint-Drying Leagues are getting ready to go primetime.
But Comcast isn’t alone. The Dallas Star-Telegram reports Spike TV might be interested in the NHL as they try to get a toehold in sports (login info.). Unfortunately, I vowed never to tune into Spike TV after they got rid of Slamball.
It’s actually pretty interesting if hockey does end up on Spike. Spike used to be TNN, aka The Nashville Network. So it will have been a journey from banjos to facewashes.
Which is also next season’s Nashville Predators slogan.