Graves Back on Broadway

The Rangers are getting serious about winning back fans. You might remember their ending hockey on a bit of a sour note, trading away everyone, including the legendary defenseman Brian Leetch, for a stunning array of second-round draft picks.
But now, they’re trying to make friends.
The easiest way?
Hire the legendary Adam Graves back into the fold, some four years after he was traded away to San Jose, right on the heals of the death of one of his twin sons AND his dad.
Graves is a hero here in New York, though. When the Rangers honored Mike Richter, Madison Square Garden erupted when they caught a glimpse of him. He’s about as popular a sports figure as we have. Even people who no longer watch hockey (even when it’s actually being conducted) know and love Graves.
So I don’t know what his hiring will do in terms of smoothing over that whole lockout thing, but I’m sure glad Graves is back in New York. I really wouldn’t mind if they suited him up. He’s old. They can overpay him. Then he’ll be a true Ranger. Too bad Mark Messier probably isn’t coming back.
I’m just kidding. If Messier were to return, I’m sure the Rangers would resume their practice of giving the elderly center 20-25 minutes a night and I’m just not ready to watch that yet.