Stars For Sale

Are the Bruins trying to get rid of Joe Thornton?
I’m not sure. But they sure seem to be low-balling him.
I’ve always had the feeling the Boston organization was never completely enamored with Thornton for whatever reasons.
Thornton’s leverage with Boston is that he can get the money he wants (a max deal) in another season, from another team, when he’s an unrestricted free agent. But Boston has similar leverage. They can sign any NHL superstar for around $7 million a season. I wonder if they’re hedging their bets to see if they can do better next season.
The thing about the cap is that it allows teams to keep their stars. But because stars are so affordable, it makes talent a lot more disposable.
And apparently, NHL fans might also be disposable. John Buccigross’s latest column for includes some notes from fans feeling screwed by their clubs.
I love how many clubs want the fans to stick with hockey, but only in a very theoretical way.