Ozzie Comes Home

Chris Osgood is a Red Wing once again and boy is him mom happy.
I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on earth who likes Osgood. He’s not an amazing goalie, but he’s solid. He won’t save you many games and he won’t cost you many games. He’s the middle of the road.
The Wings are banking on Osgood and Manny Legace being goalie enough to launch them into the playoffs.
And you know what? If coach Mike Babcocks runs a tight enough defense, which history says he will, and if he platoons the two of them all season, their goaltending should hold up. I don’t think either has enough gas to carry a team on their shoulders, but if you split their load, Osgood/Legace seems perfect reasonable.
It’s a good, cost-effective move. In fact, it might be the first incident of fiscal restraint and cleverness this season.