Around the Rink

OK. This time I double-checked.
The Penguins have actually landed a goalie.
They traded for Chicago’s Jocelyn Thibault. It’s a nice pickup. Thibault was out most of the 2003-04 season with a pretty nasty concussion. But assuming he’s healthy now, Pittsburgh has a solid goalie to backup the ever mysterious Marc-Andre Fleury. The only fly in the ointment is that Thibault is a real workhorse. I wonder how he’ll respond to not playing 60 games a season.
Meanwhile, as I write this, the Bruins are frantically trying to lockup Joe Thornton in a long-term deal. The reason? A significant number of NHL teams staying out of this season’s crazy overbidding expressly to keep some cap room to sign Thornton. If Thornton takes anything less than a max deal, it’s because he only wants to play in Boston.
And sadly for our friends in Beantown, I don’t think that’s the case.
Eric Lindros may or may not be a Maple Leaf soon. The Toronto Star had an interesting note, reporting that the CBA has an interesting loophole for injured, veteran players, allowing teams to go over the cap in incentives to sign them. It’s how the Leafs got Jason Allison. But Lindros was actually too healthy last season to qualify. So they have to sign him like any other free agent. Everyone seems to think it’s going to happen soon, though. If it hasn’t happened already. Because it really is inevitable that Lindros will play in Toronto. It’s like Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS or Dylan and Brenda from 90210 or Dylan and Kelly from 90210 or Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville from DUKES OF HAZZARD. Sometimes you just know two parties are going to get together.
And finally, Gizmodo has a nice picture of some very strange, possibly disgusting, hockey-themed toys.
I’d wash my hands after touching them, just to be on the safe side.