Lindros a Leaf

So Eric Lindros is finally a Leaf.
Big shock there.
Damien Cox has an interesting column on how the Leafs are building themselves on moderate-risk, low-cost talent. Cox actually calls Lindros (and Jason Allison and Jeff O’Neill) low-risk, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. But statistically, one of them should have a strong season. One out of three seems right, right?
Cox also talks about how this is a great situation for Lindros, because the expectations are pretty low.
I suspect Lindros was frustrated most of his time with the Rangers. He’d be playing on a hot line, and then the line would get broken up, or the members traded away. His last season in New York, he hardly even spent any time on the top line.
And it’s not like his playing wasn’t there. He still had power and vision. For the most part, he just wasn’t playing with enough talent to convert and getting enough minutes to compensate.
Lindros still has a lot in his tank, though. I really hope he shocks everyone.