No Regrets Coyote/We Just Come From Such Different Sets of Circumstance

Wow. As we march toward the start of the season, the moves get more and more interesting.
Phoenix picked up Curtis Joseph, creating a shockingly strong tandem of Cujo and Brian Boucher.
Just about every season I think the Coyotes have a real shot at being a sleeper team and just about every season I’m proven horribly wrong. But if you look at the mix of grit, offense, and experience the Coyotes have upfront (Mike Comrie, Brett Hull, Petr Nedved, Mike Ricci, Shane Doan, and Boyd Devereaux), they really do look as good as most average NHL teams. If they can get another scoring option or two (for depth) and one or two puck-moving defensemen, they’re going to be a positively above-average team.
Oh. And the Devils finally got that sniper they’ve been looking for since Alexander Mogilny left in 2001. The new sniper? Alexander Mogilny.
How crazy is it that the fiscally conservative Devils are way over the cap already? What does that say about the new NHL system? This isn’t the Rangers or the Red Wings going over. This is the freaking Devils. A team that waited four years to replace a player because they didn’t want to spend the money (and because Teemu Selanne wouldn’t come over).
Finally, Al Strachan has a really interesting interview with Leafs coach Pat Quinn about how NHL coaches will use the new rule changes to keep the game dull. Like take the whole no red center line thing. Quinn says coaches will just have their players chip the puck out of their own zone up the boards and to someone waiting at the blue line, creating the illusion of a penalty kill.
So don’t go inviting friends over to see the new, exciting NHL until you’ve had a chance to check things out for yourself.