Isles Hate Goalies

I find this truly, truly shocking.
The Islanders are lowballing goalie Rick DiPietro.
When the Isles picked DiPietro as their number one draft pick, they traded away young up-and-coming goalie Roberto Luongo. Luongo is now kicking ass in Florida, the only bright spot on a previously lifeless team.
But the Islanders, and GM Mike Milbury, the architect of the moves, were betting the franchise on DiPietro.
The Isles haven’t done much with him, though. They kept him in the AHL for two seasons, which might have been a little bit too long.
In February, 2004, Milbury voted to create rules to prevent goalies from handling the puck in the style of Martin Brodeur.
DiPietro is a prodigious puckhandler, agile, fast, and aggressive.
So basically, DiPietro’s time with the Islanders has featured him not getting ice time and his GM voting to restrict how he plays hockey. Now he’s not getting paid, while the Isles are cutting checks to just about everyone else on skates.
It’s a really strange thing. If there’s one pure rule to thriving in the NHL, it’s to build up from solid goaltending.
I thought everyone knew that. Maybe I need to take a ride out to Uniondale to hook Milbury up with this tasty little hockey nugget.