Clement Shooting Resumes

You’ve really got to hand it to Bill Clement, last seen calling hockey for ESPN.
The guy really knows how to hustle.
When did OLN announce they would be broadcasting hockey this season? Thursday night sometime?
Clement is everywhere, now, making it known that he’s ready to jump in.
First he tells the New York Post he would work for OLN (login info.).
Then, in a chat on of all places, he’s super diplomatic about the whole thing, saying “First of all, a lot of people at ESPN are sad that hockey is leaving. I can’t tell you how many quality people worked extremely hard to bring the sport of hockey to everyone in the country…It’s a very complex issue that involves an unbelievable number of variables.”
There’s more, but I don’t have access to ESPN’s premium content.
And now, yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer featured a column calling for OLN to hire Clement (login info.).
I’m not a huge Clement fan, but he doesn’t bother me, either. I think OLN should hire him if for no other reason than his campaign. It’s very impressive.