Blackhawks Eye Moira Kelly

This is pretty funny.
The Blackhawks have hired Olympic speedskater Dan Jansen to teach the team speed, strength, and conditioning.
It’s a great move. Speed is going to be key in the new NHL.
But hiring a speedskater?
Doesn’t that sound familiar?
Yup. That’s right. It’s the exact opposite of the plot of 1992’s THE CUTTING EDGE.
I love that film for the scene where Moira Kelly, who plays the figure skater learning to work with a former hockey player, keeps doing shots and then dancing. It’s not funny to read, but if you could see her pounding a shot and then dancing within a few seconds, you’d laugh.
Speaking of the new NHL, I wonder if any teams are working on passing coaches. The long outlet pass is going to be the key to success with the red line gone.
Also speaking of the new NHL, I really have to say that ESPN has been really cool about discussing the NHL going to OLN.
John Buccigross discusses it in his latest column. And strangely, he doesn’t mention any semi-obscure emo bands.
He must have been sick this week.