Emrick to OLN; Eklund No Kid

No big shock, but Doc Emrick will be the main play-by-play voice for OLN.
It’s a good call by OLN. Emrick is great.
Rumor has it, John Davidson will provide the commentary, which is a nice pairing.
I own a John Davidson/Sam Rosen bobblehead set (they call local Ranger games).
I hope OLN is looking ahead to an Emirck/Davidson set. Because I need to see my hockey announcers with giant heads. It’s a thing with me.
Also, whatever you think of Eklund’s Hockey Rumors site, and I don’t think much of it, he sure is attracting great talent. He’s got Tim Panaccio from the Philadelphia Inquirer writing a column over there.
I actually emailed Panaccio to make sure it’s really him and he confirmed he’s writing for Eklund. He also said Eklund isn’t some kid, which I suggested in my note to him.
So there you go.