Goalie Love

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who thought the Islanders weren’t treating unsigned goalie Rick DiPietro well.
Now they’ve sort of gone the other way.
Newsday’s Alan Hahn reports the Islanders put a 15 year deal on the table.
That’s 15 years. A decade and a half. One year less than a sweet sixteen.
It’s a long time.
Now in case you’re not a huge hockey fan, allow me to set the table for you.
The Islanders are the same team that signed Alexei Yashin to a ten-year contract, worth $90 million. As Yashin has underperformed as an Islander, he’s become impossible to trade and a drain on their salary cap.
The lesson most clubs might take away is that long-term contracts can be risky.
The Islanders seemed to have embraced it, though.
Not that I think they were serious. DiPietro turned the deal down because of insurance implications/complications. I think Isles’ ownership was just trying to send the message to DiPietro that they consider him a part of the future. And while he might be tendered a conservative one-year offer this year, they’d really like to be in the DiPietro business beyond that.
In a lot of ways, it’s a really smart move.
You know. Unless of course DiPietro had taken the deal.