NHL Players: ‘Oh Dip. We Have to Play Now?’

Wow. I’m thinking the NHL’s transition into new rules is going to be rough.
Veteran Brett Hull sure had trouble with it. He forgot you can no longer change lines during icing in a 7-0 loss to the Wild. Say what you will about Hull, now a Phoenix Coyote, but he’s a smart guy. If he’s getting confused about the new rules, you have to know a lot of other guys will, too.
Things are a bit rough in Phoenix right now. Goalie Brian Boucher was injured in a shootout Friday night. Not like Biggie was, though. It was a hockey shootout. Larry Brooks, from the Post, is blaming the NHLPA, for agreeing to the shootouts (login info.). I suspect it has more to do with players getting used to moving after the long layoff. But blame who you want.
* * *
Also, congrats to the Bruins for signing their goalie, Andrew Raycroft.
When you think about the Bruins these past few seasons, it’s hard not to think of quality goaltending. I can see why they wouldn’t want to nail down Raycroft and get him playing ASAP. After all, what does the goalie really do? It’s not a position you need to spend money on. In fact, I wouldn’t have hired anybody. The defensemen can protect the net. Just pay them a little extra. Maybe $50 a game.