Cablevision Blacks Out Again

Here in New York City, OLN is making the October 5 NHL opener, featuring Flyers-Rangers, available to any cable system that wants it.
How come?
Great question.
Cablevision, which owns the Rangers, doesn’t think OLN has an exclusive right to the games. OLN wants to force Cablevision into adding OLN to their basic package.
Cablevision is in a tough spot now. They don’t want to give away content they’d like to charge for.
So basically, it looks like Cablevision is getting ready to keep hockey away from fans, just like they have with baseball and basketball before them.
It’s great to be a sports fan in New York sometimes.
Also, don’t worry about rising player salaries.
The Boston Herald reminds us that if player salaries exceed more than 54% of league revenues, then the players have to kick money back.
I had sort of forgotten about that.
I bet the owners haven’t.
I also bet Joe Thornton winds up taking home $26,000 next season.