Being Sidney Crosby

Sports Illustrated (or maybe has an interesting feature on Shawna Richer, the Globe and Mail writer covering Sidney Crosby.
I listen to very little sports talk radio/tv, but I was watching some local call-in show on the local cable channel here, and a guy who sounded like he was in his late 90s called in lamenting the death of the team concept. He was talking about the New York media pounding Randy Johnson for his implosion against the Angels, but he may as well have been talking about sports as a whole. More and more reporters are covering individuals (Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds each had their own reporter covering them at one point or another). The SI article touches on the repercussions of this kind of coverage, in terms of how teammates might feel about only 1/23rd of them being explored in explicit detail. Right now, it’s not a big deal since it’s still a rare thing. But as the trend grows, you can bet it’s going to turn into an ugly, festering sore of a problem.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve been watching THE SURREAL LIFE for like two hours and I no longer trust humanity.