Premature Gretzky Grading

I know it’s still early to chime in about Wayne Gretzky’s coaching (congrats on that first win, big guy), but it’s got to be a bad sign the season isn’t a week old and he’s already calling players out in the media. Calling players out through the media is as old as time itself. I think it goes back to the first Olympics, when Socrates questioned Plato’s commitment to the discus. Of course, there’s no written record of this, since it was an oral tradition, but I’ve heard the story enough times to know it’s true.
Tweaking players through the press can be effective. But if you do it from the first week of the season on, it kind of loses its impact. How does Gretzky plan to ramp this up, which he’ll have to do as the players get used to this.
And don’t forget. This is all on top of the players being freaked out about being coached by Wayne Freaking Gretzky.
Going to the media too soon is a rookie move, though. Sort of like handing in the wrong roster.