Tin Butterfly?

I have more anecdotal observations.
I’m wondering if butterfly-style goalies are going to be at a disadvantage in the new NHL.
In the few games I’ve flipped through, I’ve noticed a lot of over-the-shoulder and short-side goals, usually caused from the goalie going down too soon.
In the old days, with all the clutching and grabbing, it was pretty tough to get the puck off of the ice. But now, the shooters have a lot more time and space to get the puck up in the air. So butterfly goalies are still making the bottom of the net impenetrable, but at the cost of the top of the net.
Plus, players around the goalmouth are a lot more mobile now. They’re actually able to take a swipe at rebounds. If you’re down in the butterfly, you can’t get up quickly enough to make that second save.
So maybe all of those old-school stand-up goaltenders can open goalie schools now.
Their exile is over.