Broken Goalies

People are always talking about the keys to success in the new NHL.
Things like speed.
Things like balanced lines.
I think, at least for this season, the key is going to be goalie depth.
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, goalies are dropping like flies.
I think it’s because of the one-season layoff.
I’ve heard people blame all of the action goalies are suddenly seeing, which is forcing them into more acrobatic (and groin-straining) saves.
Devils goalie Martin Brodeur blames the refs for not calling goalie interference (login info.).
It’s hard to say exactly why the goalies are getting messed up. It could just be coincidence. But whatever the cause, if your organization isn’t three-goalies deep, you’re going to have problems this season. The days of an organization riding one goalie (cough…Columbus…cough…Chicago…cough…New Jersey) are over for now. I’m very curious if you’ll see goalies play 50 or 60 games a season anymore.