The Battle of Insomnia

How great was Edmonton-Calgary Saturday night? You’ve got to love the Battle of Alberta. And there are seven to go. Calgary won 3-0, but it was still a great game. Especially Jarome Iginla’s beautiful goal, where he was able to break in sqaure to the goalie, a defender right behind him, and get off a perfect wristshot, barely lifting the blade of his stick off the ice.
Did I mention it was beautiful?
The rest of those battles need to be earlier, so people in the east actually have a chance of staying awake to see them.
Also, Eric Francis has a look at why this year’s Flames are better than the 2003-04 version. He talks about how their slow start is just a matter of people getting used to playing with each other.
Watching Atlanta a few times last week, I had the same feeling. A really good team made up of total strangers.
Chemistry is a tough thing. You have to hope it kicks in before the despondence over losing does.