Goalie Kings

I’m really, really loving all of the rookie goalies who are getting hot.
I can’t think of anything more depressing than watching a goalie struggle.
Seriously. Like that thing in Atlanta, where they’re just keeping the net open, like it’s the last minute of a game they’re losing by one goal (login info.)
That’s painful to me.
But out in LA, Jason LaBarbera is doing a nice job for the Kings (login info.).
As far as I know, the Kings have no starting goalie. For a team based in Hollywood, they sure do seem to like to use character actors in the nets, instead of stars.
But LaBarbera has had a nice three games or so.
And it shocks me because while he tore up the AHL last season (13 regular season shutouts), when he was called up to New York to play for the Rangers, he looked awful. I only saw him play a handful of games but he alternated between confused and disoriented with terribly disturbing regularity. I would have bet money he was a solid AHL goalie who would never make the jump to the NHL.
I guess that’s why I run a blog and the Kings run a hockey team.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I was GM/manager of the WHA’s Quebec Nordiks for six days last season.