Watch This!

If you have Center Ice, I highly recommend staying up to watch Blackhawks-Canucks tonight.
The Canucks blew my mind Sunday night against Dallas. Their forecheck is so aggressive, even the Dallas powerplays looked like penalty kills. I found myself counting players to make sure there were only five skaters on the ice. It seemed like at least seven.
I caught a little bit of Colorado-Chicago last week and made a note that the Blackhawks were way more uptempo and aggressive than I ever would have dreamed. Don’t ask me to name any of their forwards, though. All I’ve got is Matthew Barnaby. But trust me. The Blackhawks looked great Friday night.
They’re only 2 and 4, but they could be a sleeper team.
And again, I’ve only watched them play for about 22 minutes, so I could be way off base. As I mentioned before, I don’t actually run a hockey team.