I found this sooooo interesting.’s John Buccigross weighed in on OLN’s NHL coverage. It’s sort of a delicate thing, but Buccigross discussed the NHL’s new network with class:

    All in all, the OLN game was excellent. Good replays, good intermissions. For me, it was a good night of hockey watching.

He had some suggestions for OLN, too, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Now, if we could just him to drop the gratuitous late-90s-indie rock references. It’s just like I was telling my friend Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields while we were listening to Guided by Voices.
Also, from the Mighty Matt Law: The Hockey Name Generator.
If we were on MySpace (or LiveJournal), I’d probably have my hockey name listed on my profile page.
But we’re not on MySpace (or LiveJournal).