Bring Back the Instigator

Mike Lee of has launched a campaign to save The Instigator, a comic strip published on the CBC site. The strip disappeared during the lockout and now the CBC won’t bring it back without a sponsor. Mike set up a site to save the strip here:
Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of most Internet comics (the two I love are here and here) but I figured I’d post a plug here. But then, I was actually doing something else on the CBC site, having pretty much forgotten about the email, when I noticed the comic on this page (the one about the new NHLPA logo).
It cracked me up and then I realized it was The Instigator. The archives are here. It’s definitely worth checking out. I especially liked this panel and this panel.
So check out the archives, and if you like what you read, check out It’s a genuinely funny Internet comic. I hope the CBC finds a way to keep it (and maybe put up an RSS feed for it). And I hope everyone can take a few minutes to let the CBC know they’d miss the comic if it was gone.