More Anecdotes

This isn’t scientific, but I’m definitely noticing a rise in hockey’s popularity. Especially when compared to the 2003-04 season.
Like Thursday night, I walked past two bars playing the Rangers-Islanders game. Granted, I think that was the only sporting event on TV that night, but I still thought it was kind of a cool thing. And when I sat down for a quick beer, I actually had hockey converastions with two separate, unrelated people.
Then, on Saturday, I signed for a delivery wearing a Rangers t-shirt and the delivery guy and I talked hockey for a few moments, something that hadn’t happened in a few years.
Is it because the Rangers are/were playing well? Is it because baseball season is over and the NBA season hasn’t started yet?
Maybe. But it’s still cool to be talking hockey and hearing hockey around town.
I’m starting to think the lockout might have been good just in terms of giving the NHL a fresh start.
Now, if they could just put the checking back in.