Comrie Benched

Mike Comrie has always fascinated me.
He was so dynamic in Edmonton.
Then, he sat out and ended up a Flyer, which was a bad fit for him and his more freewheeling style.
His having sat out a few months of the season didn’t help things, either.
Then, he was traded to the Coyotes, where it seemed he would return to his Oiler form.
And, for whatever reason, it just isn’t happening.
Comrie was a healthy scratch Sunday. Irony, of ironies, he was actually sat for Jamie Lundmark, the recently acquired former Ranger who was rather infamous for his inability to fully develop as a player in New York.
Every preseason, I think the Coyotes are going to be a sleeper team, and every season, they do a great job of proving me wrong. This year’s line-up has a lot of offensive skills, but apparently, not a ton of grit and determination.
Speed is important in the new NHL, but you still have to have the puck to score.
So far.