Bad Chemistry

Does anyone else get the feeling that something chemical happened in Colorado that made Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne suck?
Kariya, as mentioned yesterday, is kicking butt in Nashville and Selanne is rocking Anaheim (again) (login info.).
Yet the two of them together in Colorado?
It was a disaster.
Injuries, cold streaks, coach firings. I’m surprised there wasn’t an actual avalanche during their time together there.
I know they worked well together in Anaheim, but I’m nervous about today.
Nashville plays the Ducks tonight.
Is it two great teams going at it?
Or are the bad luck twins going to cause some sort of natural disaster the second they’re both on the ice at the same time?
Who’s to say?
I’m just saying I’ll be in my shelter with some candles and canned meat.