Slide, Baby, Slide

Larry Brooks, as is his way, weighs in on the state of the NHL (login info.).
He talks about the lack of fighting and checking and intimidation in the game. But I’m guessing he filed before Calgary’s 1-0 win over Vancouver. Because that was a boxing match on ice. It was old time hockey and it was great to see. It was so rough, I wondered if the league maybe tells East Coast refs to call games more closely, with the rationale being that more people see East Coast games than the West Coast ones.
I don’t know if the fabric of hockey is tearing, as Brooks seem to think, but there are some weird things going on.
Like Jeremy Roenick being allowed to use a takeout slide to score a goal during the shootout (login info.).
I can’t see how something like that is good for the game. It’s one thing to try and generate offense in hockey, but it’s another to let anything count for a goal.
Pretty soon, you’ll be allowed to hold down the goalie’s arms.