Don’t Call it a Trade

So the Ducks claimed former Blue Jacket Todd Marchant off waivers.
Pretty smart. Now the Ducks have whatever they got for Sergei Fedorov AND Marchant. And his no-trade clause. Which doesn’t seem like it really worked.
The craziest part of all of this? Moscow Dynamo also put in a claim for Marchant. I think the Ducks get him.
For now.
Apparently the Ducks have also let it be known that Petr Sykora is available. I doubt the Ducks will be able to move him, though. Not with that other Petr Sykora around. I think most teams are scared they’ll bid on the offensive (yet slumping right now) Sykora and end up with the center who isn’t even playing for the Caps right now.
It just seems like too easy a scam for a club to run.
I wonder if the Devils, where Sykora had his greatest success, would want him back. They could swap Alexander Mogilny and his $3.5 million salary for Sykora and his $3.116 million. The Devils might even send more talent over since they need to get under the cap even further once Patrik Elias is able to play again. The Ducks won’t save any money, but they will get some talent back.
You know. Unless the Moscow Dynamo gets involved in this.