Goalie Sweepstakes

So the big rumor going around is that Florida is ready to move goalie Roberto Luongo, now that he’s good and mad about his team’s a) screwing him over in arbitration and b) refusal to win any games.
The teams that are supposedly in the mix are Colorado and Vancouver.
Larry Brooks says Vancouver has dropped out of the bidding and the Avs are closing in (login info.).
I can understand why just about any NHL team would want Luongo. But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: The Canucks need to figure out a way to pry Rick DiPietro away from the Islanders.
DiPietro is one of the game’s most athletic goalies. He’s fantastic with the puck, often able to clear it out of the offensive zone on his own.
Because the new NHL is all about that first pass out of your own zone. If you have defensemen who can clear it and forwards with the speed to pick it up, you’re going to dominate in the league. But it’s shocking to see how many defensemen can’t move the puck. So with a goalie like DiPietro, you know you’ll have at least have one guy in your zone who can spring the forwards. For a fast team like Vancouver, that’s key. Ed Jovanovski has one of the league’s great outlet passes. But he can’t do it alone. Why not grab a goalie who can multitask?
So the Canucks shouldn’t be too sad about possibly losing Luongo. They should see it as a chance to make a big play for DiPietro.
And speaking of goalies, what’s up with Dominik Hasek? How is a guy that old and that out of practice playing so well? It seems like just yesterday he was attacking people during roller hockey games, and now he’s dominating in Ottawa.
He should write a workout book. I’d read that. And I’m already all over his windbreak vesta.