Trades and Tuxedos

I haven’t watched the Leafs in a few weeks, but apparently they can’t score.
I’m guessing it’s a speed issue. The Leafs are tough and goalie Ed Belfour has looked shockingly sharp for a guy who came into the league during the Original Six era, but they don’t have guys who can speed through to create odd-man rushes. They have a ton of guys who can push their way through to create opportunities, but nowadays you’re really better off with speed than with muscle.
Meanwhile, over in Ottawa, Bruce Garrioch asks if the Senators are interested in Owen Nolan, as a possible sub for the injured Martin Havlat. Again, while I think Nolan is a great guy with a lot of hockey left in him, I’m not sure how he’d do with the running-and-gunning Senators. Nolan is at his best when he can set up in front of the net. But you’re not seeing those same kind of half-court opportunities, except on the powerplay.
Speaking of power plays, Larry Brooks says the Rangers should grab Petr Sykora away from Anaheim (login info.). Brooks says it’s a a good idea for the Rangers to have someone who can work the point on their power play. I’m going to have to agree here. I’ve spent the whole season watching them figure out ways to work the puck to Jagr at the right circle. Sooner or later, other clubs are going to crack the code.
And Mario Lemieux is finally ready to admit the Penguins might not be long for Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review guesses the Penguins are heading for Kansas City, perhaps to become the Ribs. I think they should keep the name Penguins and become the official hockey team of Sea World.