Goalie Space

Over in Colorado, rookie goalie Vitaly Kolesnik is looking sharp (although last night was a rough stretch of highway in a 6-2 loss to Ottawa).
He’s getting the starts while regular goalies David Aebischer, once thought to be the mile-high heir apparent to Patrick Roy, and Peter Budaj are watching from the bench and the press box.
That sucks, but for me, the biggest indignity is that Aebisher had to submit to a penalty shot by his coach, Joel Quenneville. Quenneville is like Aebisher’s boss. Do you let the boss score and think you suck? Or do you stop him and risk him feeling like a jerk?
Hockey is a game but it’s also a job. Just like we have to think about the implications of awkward work situations, so too do many of the NHL’s athletes.
I wish they’d show that side of hockey in the NHL commercials, instead of that weird woman dressing that guy.
Show the awkward workplace moments. I think that’s a lot more watchable.
Oh. And DoubleViking took a look at the NHL season so far (be careful &#151 the rest of the site isn’t safe for all work environments; maybe for the NHL, but not so much if you’re some kind of business-person).